My Conservative Politics (In Brief)

“Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine but demonic.”
– Benedict XVI

I. I don’t find my politics reflected anywhere in the American spectrum.

II. I find it funny that people bother to differentiate between Republicans and Democrats.

III. I believe ‘neoconservatism’ is merely the conservative branch of liberalism, and that a true conservatism must go back behind the architects of liberalism (Locke, et al).

IV. I am wary of libertarianism as it tends toward extreme individualism.

V. I think the “free market” is incompatible with real democracy and must be instituted through force or deception to persist.

VI. I think unrestricted global markets are as dangerous as repressive governments, and harder to combat.

VII. I find the American government far too repressive and far too supportive of unrestricted global markets.

VIII. I am convinced that political science cannot remain an autonomous discipline and must instead give way to theological considerations.

IX. I have been most influenced, therefore, by poets and theologians: Wendell Berry, G. K. Chesterton, Brian Walsh, William T. Cavanaugh, James K. A. Smith, Graham Ward, John Howard Yoder, John Paul II, Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine.

X. Ultimately, both market and government must answer to the will and needs of actual human communities.


One response to “My Conservative Politics (In Brief)

  1. By this definition, I have strong conservative leanings. And while this isn’t news to me, I lack the confidence to claim that word.

    How have you approached this conversation with those too engaged with right/left language to understand what you mean?

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