Thoughts on Love for Valentine’s Day

Love names a moment or a lifetime lived toward another person. So we will only know at the end of my life whether I truly loved my wife, or only tried to love her and failed. (For my part, I don’t intend or expect to fail, but we will see.)

But it’s not enough to say that it’s a moment or lifetime lived toward another person, because that doesn’t mean anything, or at least not anything particular. Love is living toward another person with care and sacrifice, and elevating their needs above your own.

Ultimately, we think we have great ideas about what love is, and the different kinds of love, but we read a play like Romeo and Juliet (the central theme of which is “you think you know what love is, but you’re wrong, and if you pursue your foolish idea of love it will kill you and everyone you might love”) and realize we don’t. As a Christian, I am convinced that only Jesus really shows us what love is.

“We love because he first loved us.”  1 John 4:19


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